Hello Riyadh People

Salaam and greetings….

How many of you  can say, that when you’re 3 years old you’re having a big adventure in your life? Not that many I guess

But I wasn’t even 3 years old yet when my Mummy and Daddy (Ibu & Bapak) took me moving to Riyadh, a place so far away from where I was born in Jakarta.

I tried to keep my cool, flying in the big plane. It’s not like it’s the first time I flew. But when the plane took off, I can’t help myself….I threw up all over myself and Mummy…..poor Mummy.

She did her best to clean me up and herself. But for the rest of the 8 hours journey we were both stink 🙂

Lucky for her I fell asleep for most of that time, ignoring the nice meal offered by all those tall and lovely ladies. So she had some time to rest as well. She didn’t bother to watch any in-flight entertainment I think.

We stopped over at Abu Dhabi airport where they had some proper toilet where Mummy washed and changed me.

After that we went on board again, this time another hour to Riyadh. Then we hopped on a taxi with all our big suitcases. To our home. Finally I can spread myself on a nice comfy bed. Oooohhhh I felt so tired……

Bye everyone, ma salama.

Written by Yasin’s Mum.