I broke my (first) tooth!

Salaam and greetings….

So what’s the big deal, you said? Hey, it’s the first tooth I broke in my whole life of 3 years, and it’s painful when it’s kind of hanging in there, not quite off yet. So you know what I did? I push it with my tongue, and I push it, and I push it until it came off. And when my Mum fell asleep in the car while holding me, I swallowed it! Ha! I did it….

Mummy knew I was rather irritated because of that naughty tooth, and she didn’t really asleep, just dozing off, waiting for my big sister having her tests last Sunday. She can feel when I was like choked on my own tooth :-)) So she woke up instantly and can tell from my cheeky grin what had happened…. Clever Mummy…..

Bye now…..ma salama.

Written by Yasin’s Mum.