Me? CP?

Salaam and greetings

It was March 22, 2011. Mummy and Daddy (Ok, Ibu & Bapak) took me to my review session with that lady neuro-doctor and her psychologisy friend (oh I know how to spell psychologist)….

After they spent about oohh, 5 minutes to look and ‘observe’ me, they discussed in not-so-low voices, about MY progress.

They said, my motor skills equal to baby of 4-5 months old, my cognitive skills equal to baby around that age as well, and my social skills equal to, I don’t really remember. I was 2 years old, you know.

Hello doctor and psychologisy lady? How can you make such and such conclusion? Just by spent 5 minutes with me, who was sleepy after that long journey. I just didn’t want to show my achievement to you yet.

Lucky I have a very kind and understanding physical therapist, Ms Emi. She watched my progress closely every week and never forgot to remind Mum about what exercise I should do at home everyday. She already gave a full report to the doctor along with a recommendation for me to start occupational therapy especially in sensory-integration, and also  speech therapy. So of course the doctors had to go along with that, after all they want the best for me too.

And do you know what they wrote on a piece of paper for the report; diagnose: cerebral palsy dystonia. And they didn’t even bother to explain. Can you imagine my Mum and Dad’s feelings and confusion? My feelings? Oh OK, it’s just labels, maybe it helped the doctors to define my condition so that can give me better treatment, or maybe not.

Anyway, after that Mum and Dad bought lots of books to study about my conditions. They are clever and hard-working you know.

Bye….ma salama