Yasin’s adventure starts here….


Hi there….Salaam and greetings…My name is Yasin, I’m officially a big boy of 3 years old now. Well actually I’ve been 3 yrs since the 25th of January 2012, that makes me now 3 years old and ummm, 2 weeks.

OK, some people will see me as a big problem. Because some people (adults, of course), only see what they can see, or what they want to see. And they see that I’m not walking yet, or sitting by myself yet, or talking yet.

But they can’t see that I’m a perfect human being……

OK, not all people are like that. Other kinds of people are good enough at heart to see my intelligence and my beauty. And no, I’m not being vain….because people who love me  keep telling me that. So I know that is true.

I know that I have a very big heart. I’m capable of loving people around me as much as they love me, and more. And as for people who have shied away from me, well, it’s their loss not mine……

OK folks, that’s all for now. No Mummy!!! It’s the line from Porky Pig cartoon, I don’t like him……(Sorry Yasin, Mummy says)

Bye everyone…..Ma salama…..

Written by Yasin’s Mum.