If you say my eyes are beautiful….

Salaam and greetings

The kindly eye doctor who called me ‘Habibi’ told my Mum and Dad that my eyes have “very poor fixation”. That means he thought I couldn’t see, yet.

He said I need further examinations to observe about the function of my retina, and my optical nerves as well. Because even if my retina works well, it won’t be much use if the optical nerves don’t connect nicely with the brain. OR so he said. He told us that if my eyesight function above 25%, they can help me with some magnifier, probably he meant glasses. But if less than that, it will be  more difficult, but not impossible.

Mum and Dad silently refused to believe what he said. They keep their optimism that I can see perfectly well, someday soon. Because above all, I only have to ask Allah to give me everything I need. My brother taught me that, Faris is clever you know. He’s 10 years old and love me to bits.

Mum said to me the other day, that so many people with perfect eyes and eyesight, but were blind to the beauty of this earth or the kindness and the power of our Creator. One thing she knows for sure, that I’ll be never one of those people. I can sense all the beauty and kindness around me, and His powerful love to me, perfectly.  So I need not to worry.

Written by Yasin’s mum.