School Days

Salam and Greetings

How was I supposed to know that more adventures are yet to come? I was so busy in the last 3 months I haven’t updated my blog. So sorry, my darling fans 🙂

First things first, I just officially finished my first term of 6 weeks therapies, or I’d rather say exercise, at the Humanitarian City. I can’t say that it was the loveliest time I have in my whole life,  in fact I would prefer it if Mum and Dad are not taking me there ever again. But like they all say to me all the time, I’m a clever boy; I just know that it won’t do to have such hopes. Mum and Dad will not give up, they’ll take me there every day if it’s possible, yeah yeah.

But I can feel that all these exercises make me stronger and more agile. I can now pull myself up to sit, using my hands for support; I can maintain the position for a long time while I’m enjoying myself.

I listen to my brothers and sister bickering or playing or fighting depending on their mood. I can listen to the Quran recital while trying to balance myself for a bit longer every time.  I can listen to Mum sings while I play on the floor. I can join Mum’s acting our favourite nursery rhymes. She does know loads of songs.  Row row row your boat is a bit babyish for me, but I love it when she hold my hands and do the rowing together, backward and forward, backward and forward…..I also love the big ball she sometime balances me on…

I know Mum also busy doing other unimportant things like cooking etc, so sometimes Faris or Iqbal stay with me and show me how to hold Wii remote or just playing the keyboard bang bang bang boom boom boom. Or Adiba reading her Charles Dickens/Stephen Hawking books to me, not that I like them very much, but still, it’s nice to hear her lovely voice.

I learn to stand on my own feet, sometimes with standing frames, sometimes it was just with gaiters/splint/whatever they call it. It wasn’t nice first, and yes painful.  But as with other things, I got used to it and it doesn’t hurt that much anymore.  Mum and Dad and all the rest of my BIG family are so happy and proud when they see me standing up, so maybe I’ll try again later, not only for them, but most of all is for ME……

I have very nice therapists, no sorry, personal trainers. Clarissa, Kennedy and Lawrence. Once I tricked Kennedy by falling asleep in his session, ha, gotcha…..But for the others, no can do Sir. They’re tough.

Oh I’m getting sleepy, I’ll write again soon

Bye, Ma salama (pictures to follow, Mum will upload them for me)

Written by Yasin’s Mum.