A Journey of Faith and Tranquility

Salaam and greetings

So the adventure continues. I’ve been to Makkah to perform Umrah, and to Madinah to pray in Masjid Nabawi (the Mosque of the Prophet) and tracing back the history of Islam. Dad told me that the Prophet Muhammad said, one prayer in his mosque worths one thousand prayers in other places, wow, lucky me. I know that for a lot of people in my country it’s not easy to do both things. So yes, I think Mum and Dad are right to feel lucky that they can bring me and my brothers and sister there.

Dad had to carry me all the way while we’re doing Thawaf (going around and around or circumambulate the Ka’bah for 7 times whilst reciting all the prayers, in counterclockwise direction). Yes, I am clever to know such big words, aren’t I?

I know I’m quite a big boy, but he didn’t complain, well just a bit afterwards :-). Mum took turn carrying me for one circuit. If you don’t have a strong faith in God and in yourself, who would do such things as these people were doing: taking the journey around the globe, walking in the blazing heat and praying like there’s no tomorrow…

That’s the picture of me falling asleep on the floor after performing Sa’i (you know, going to and fro Shafa and Marwa hills for 7 times). And the other one also of me falling asleep on the floor of Masjid Nabawi. What, I heard you ask, I go all the way to Makkah and Madinah just to take a nap? Well you see, I felt so tranquil in both places, and listening to all the drone of the prayers made me sleepy….. 🙂

But I also learnt a lot about the history of Islam by doing the tour to the Quba Mosque, The Qiblatain Mosque, the Omar Mosque, the Uhud and the Khandaq mountains, where the Prophet SAW fought the momentous battles with all his companions. They won gloriously because they fought fearlessly, put their trust in God totally, so THEN Allah helped them. So I guess I just have to follow suit and keep on fighting so Allah will help me all through my way….


So what’s the next destination, you ask? Who knows, it might be anywhere in the world..

Bye then, ma salama

Written by Yasin’s Mum