School Days (2)

Written by Yasin’s Mum.

Salam and greetings

Mum’s fulfilled her promise to upload some pictures of me and my ‘personal trainers’ doing the necessary exercises. Klarisa is the pretty physiotherapist with the long hair, Lawrence the occupational therapist, and Kennedy was the one who took over Klarisa’s place later on.

Well as they say, one picture speaks a thousand words, so I’ll let these pics do the talking. Some of the exercises were not nice for me, but I know how important they are, so I persist and persevere, following the examples set up by my therapists. They’re very kind but they also have a no-nonsense attitude :-).  Just like my Mum, even though she has a lot of pains herself, she persists and perseveres in doing the exercise for me at home. Mum and Dad pray to Allah that He’ll give us strength to carry on and strive and achieve the best for me…. But I just know that He always do….

Bye, ma salama…