A Pair of Shoes that Means the World

Salam and Greetings

I finally have my very own pair of proper splints. Mum and Dad bought me a few pairs of shoes before, but they weren’t really useful for me yet. But these splints, they’re really something special.

Mum sent a message to her sisters, saying that buying the splints for me made her feel so happy, happier than even if Dad buy her one kilogram of gold jewellery. (I don’t think she meant it seriously, because Dad will never buy that, won’t he), oh I don’t know what she meant.

Anyway, the splints cost more than any of my brothers/sister/Mum/Dad’s shoes. So yeah, I was kind of showing off a little bit.Their shoes are soooo boring, you can buy them at any shops or malls.

But mine has to be made in a special store. Lawrence, my therapist, kindly accompanied Mum, Dad and me going  to that store. Urghhh, I hate to remember the way they fit the splints for me. I had to lie down on a cold, hard mattress, and it’s a bit filthy too.

The man took the measurement of my legs and feet. He put a long sock over each of my legs, and then began to plaster some kind of white dough all over my legs and feet. I didn’t like it one bit, so I struggled and, well, I cried a bit. But I couldn’t let myself go as Dad and Lawrence and that man were all holding me to stay still for a few minutes, (felt like forever to me), until the mould hardened so they can use it as a cast….or something like that.

No, my agony was not over yet. The man took a big pair of scissors and started to cut the cast off my legs. Mum went outside quietly; I think she didn’t like to watch. But I wasn’t afraid, not at all. I just didn’t like the way the man twisted and turned my legs…

The splints took a week to make. They’re quite cool, with the camouflage pattern like some soldiers’ boots. Oh yes, Mum and Dad also bought a brand new standing frame for me. And Lawrence had his friend to make a pair of gaiter for me as well.

Just last night we had fun trying all the splints, the gaiter and the standing frame. Like all exercises, it’s not what you call ‘luxuriously comfortable’, it wasn’t easy for me. But I coped really well, if I said so myself. I didn’t cry, and I started to enjoy standing tall on my own feet after all this time. When I’m standing, I’m almost as tall as my brothers, wow….

Mum and Dad know, well I KNOW, it’s still a long way to go until I can be independent. I still have a whole world to learn. Sometimes it feels like an uphill task, and Mum gets downhearted when she couldn’t do the exercise with me.

For sure, no victories come easily and instantly. We all must fight our own battles bravely, we win some, and maybe we lose some. But the winners are the ones who never give up their hopes and their spirits.

Mum, you and I, we’ll be the winners yet…..

Bye now, ma salama…

Written by Yasin’s Mum.