A Trip to the Neurologist – A Mother’s Perspective

(The neuro specialist said to us the other day: “it is good that you take care of him, but also you have to be realistic. Because his head is small, the MRI of the brain was bad, he has seizures, he can never be normal as other people. You can’t expect him to be fully independent etc”.)

Dear Doctor, believe me, you’re not the first physician who told us quite the same things. Some were even more thoughtless and blunt.
Dear Doctor, we know better not to ask for a miracle from you. Because my son and his whole life is already a miracle for us from God. 

We know that you’re an expert in your field. But we do our homework too, you know, we learn a lot. Even 2 children with similar condition, given similar treatment and therapy might not end up with the same results.
So I guess it’s not for us to decide the outcome of all our painful battles, no, let alone for you. We never know what the future may hold for us. What we DO know is that we love our son with all our heart and soul. We’ll give our best, and we’ll make him do his best.

And please dear Doctor, define normal?  It’s a term that is easily used to put people that’s a bit different into compartments or labelled boxes. Are you normal, are we normal, is she/he normal? My son is normal for someone with his condition…..
Thank you kindly Doctor, you’ve just made us even more determined to continue our journeyon this long road we’ve taken by His grace….
Warmest wishes
Yasin’s Mum and Dad, and all his big family 🙂