Unintentional Cryotherapy

Unintentional CryotherapyI am a strong proponent of Cryotherapy – or ice baths. Of course, Mummy doesn’t mean to freeze me intentionally, it’s just that the indoor pool is under maintenance.

Early in the morning, Mummy helps me get into my swimsuit. She prepares milk, towels, clothes, armbands and whatnot. She then pops me into my stroller and off we go! The birds greet me as I roll my way past the little gardens that the workers keep with such care. Mummy opens the gate to the pool and the pigeons in the water fly away at the sight of such an athlete. Ms. Nur, my mentor who is a Special Education teacher is waiting for me. She climbs down the steps into the clear, cold water and I follow suit. My mother sits at the top of the pool (it must be hard on her back) and waits for me to move my hands as Ms. Nur flails my legs this way and that way until I kick and splash and try to float by myself. She lends me her swimming noodle which I hold onto and prevents me from drinking the bitter water. By this time, the wind is in my face and I am gasping with unrestrained joy. It is so cold, yet so fun!

After 10 minutes or so, Ms. Nur decides that it’s time for me to finish and Mummy carries me and wraps me in a warm bathrobe. She gives me a bottle of milk and I sit shivering and confused in my stroller with only an occasional giggle coming from my lips beside the strong sucking motion they make as I drain my bottle after an arduous swimming session.

I take a bath in tepid water and as soon as that is done, I fall fast asleep with a – as my sister says – seraphic smile. Thank you Ms. Nur for helping me to swim!