Yasin’s Sensitivity

Yasin is exceptionally sensitive – physically, emotionally and mentally. ‘It’s a stimulus-response difference from the norms. It means that in these 5 areas a person reacts more strongly than normal for a longer period than normal to a stimulus that may be very small. It involves not just psychological factors but central nervous system sensitivity.’ Stephanie Tolan says in her article ‘Dabrowski’s Over-excitabilites: A Layman’s Explanation’. 

Psychomotor-wise, Yasin needs lots of movement and athletic ability. He has lots of energy and movement and uses a lot of gestures. His arm makes a swinging motion whenever he’s frustrated and he can swim for long periods of time. 

Yasin has a love for sensory things – textures, smells, tastes and a power reaction to negative sensory output. He is sensitive to harsh sounds. He gasps whenever the wind blows in his face and really seems to appreciate beauty. 

Yasin has always been happier when happy, sadder when sad and angrier when angry. Intensity of emotion. He has a need for deep connections with other people. He is empathic and compassionate and can assimilate other people’s emotions, meaning that he internalizes your pain, your joy, your anger. 

Yasin has a broad range of emotions and not being able to speak is a significant limitation to him when he wants to communicate with others and show how he’s feeling. But he can do that in many ways, all of them he learned by himself by observing others. 

All of these characteristics and more are manifested in Yasin’s sister, so the house is always in an uproar with histrionic fits and passionate crying and metaphorical speech and dreams and lines of complex reasoning and experiments and questions and just plain craziness.