Quotidian Pleasure #1: Hello, It’s Yasin Speaking!

Yasin phones home every day. He takes this responsibility of maintaining good relations with his relatives very seriously and often prepares beforehand what he is going to say. Though, of course what he says varies according to his mood: joyous, hopeful, whiny, and even faint annoyance when he has to phone home when he is drinking his bottle of milk. This is a conversation between Yasin and his Granddaddy (or Mbahkung as he calls him).

Granddaddy: Who is this?

Yasin: Mmm…

Mummy: It’s Yasin, Mbahkung!

Granddaddy: What? Sorry, I can’t hear you!

Mummy: Yasin, Mbahkung!

Granddaddy: Oh, Yasin! How are you, Yasin?

Mummy: Alhamdulillah, he’s fine! How are you?

Granddaddy: Oh, Mbahkung is fine! I just ate mie ceker. 

Yasin: Mmm… Mimimimimimi….

Mummy: Have you prayed yet?

Granddaddy: Yes, how about you?

Mummy: It’s just after Ashar here now.

Granddaddy (reciting Surah Ya-Sin): Ya, Seen. By the wise Qur’an. Indeed you, (O Muhammad), are from among the messengers. On a straight path. (This is) a revelation of the Exalted in Might, the Merciful.

Yasin (claps hands): Aaaaaaah!

Mummy: Thank you, Mbahkung! Ma Salama. 

Granddaddy: Ma Salama