Two Peas in a Peculiar Pod

I remember the first time I was brought home from the hospital. I was very alert. When I could lie on my stomach, my mother would place as many things as she could get her hands on in front of me and I would analyze them one by one. Yasin is the same.

I remember the first book my mother read to me was one of the Winnie the Pooh series books. I listened avidly. Yasin is the same.

As soon as I could start talking, I began to ask questions. Many of them. I aired my opinions on the things I’d seen. I made up long stories and poems. I couldn’t shut up. Yasin is almost the same.

As soon as I could start reading, I read voraciously. I read to whoever would listen to me. I’m sure Yasin will be the same.

I couldn’t stop moving – I was constantly fidgeting and wanting to run in the park. I talked at full speed ahead. I used hand peculiar hand gestures. Yasin is the same.

I was very empathic. Yasin is the same.

I loved nature and loved to ask questions on it. Yasin is the same.

I felt different as a child. Yasin is the same.

I like to talk with adults more than I do with children. Yasin is the same.

There are many other characteristics that are visible in both of us, but these were some of the most prominent characteristics of me when I was a toddler that are manifested in Yasin as well. The most important one, I believe, is that I dearly love him and I am sure Yasin is the same.