Why are you staring at my brother?

Yasin attracts a lot of stares. Glares, in some cases. Maybe it is because of his screams, “Waaaaaaaaaaah! Mamamamama,” and his incessant babbling. Maybe it is because he is pushed around on a specially-designed push chair. Maybe it is because he can’t focus his eyes for more than a couple of seconds on you. Maybe it is because of his mischievous grins and cheeky smiles. Maybe it is because he unsettles you with all this. Maybe you’ve fallen in love with him because of all this, yet you are not able to show it. Maybe you think him contemptuous. The maybe’s are never-ending because each person has their own reason. But, since Yasin lives in his own dimension, a dimension where he is not quite able to interpret people’s facial expressions, every stare is considered an offense. IMG_0434

Maybe I shouldn’t take this matter so seriously. But really, try to explain yourself whenever you stare at a special needs child. Talk to them, give them a smile, talk to his parents if you can’t talk to the child, or if you really disdain them, just don’t stare at them at all.