Yasin’s Epilepsy – Mother’s Point of View

Why am I still wearing a purple rose; symbol of World Epilepsy Awareness day?

It all started when Yasin was 4 months old, when he was seized with infantile spasms.They often occur in clusters of 100 spasms at a time. In one day, Yasin would experience around 10 clusters of these seizures, where he would bend his body forward and stiffen his arms and legs. Sometimes he would stop breathing until his face was tinged with blue.

Can you imagine our anxiety? Sometimes I would have to put stesolids (enemas) into Yasin’s nether region to help calm him when his seizures had lasted too long.

At the age of 7 months, Yasin’s seizures reached a climax. For one whole night, we prayed and cried for Yasin’s recovery.

Two days after that, his infantile spasms stopped. Only, it seems as though it had affected his vision and his motor skills.

Today, Yasin is still on medication and sometimes appears to have partial seizures where Yasin will laugh without cause and pull his head to his side.

If you see someone having a seizure, please try to help all you can. For example, you can loosen his or her clothing or remove any harmful objects from the surroundings.