Better Off Without You

Autism & Oughtisms

April 2013, an old post of mine receives a comment that awaits moderation. The first time I read it my heart pounds, because it is threatening and abusive. It encourages me to kill my child because of his disability, and laments his existence because of the monetary cost to society. The final sentence of “Joe’s” attack is this: “If having another kid was a good idea to you, then you’re just about as dumb as that drooling, loud, obnoxious, tantrum throwing disaster of a child you have.” My son doesn’t fit any of those descriptors, not a single one of them (but even if he did, not a sentiment of the commenter would have been justified). He signs off with the fictitious email :

I re-read the comment, and my general feeling of upset turns to annoyance and anger. I share the comment in a private…

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