The Helping Hand of a Special Needs Child

Daily Prompt 

Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you’ve ever received.

Yasin has two plump and beautiful hands. He can’t always control them, being apt to hit and scratch himself with them. But sometimes, he controls them in such a way as provides you with comforting evidence that he does know what we are talking about.

Once upon a time, in a land far away lived a timid, sensitive little girl with a very special brother. She didn’t always know how to interact with him, but being an avid, budding experimenter, she found ways of communicating with him that others had yet to learn. One of the most successful ways of communicating with him was by touch. Stroking his hair, patting his cheeks, gently swinging his arms. One day, after a long and exhausting ordeal where she had to ignore snide comments and physical aggression, the little girl came crying home to her brother. She lay flat down on the mattress next to him, and let her vexation evaporate in the midst of her brother -a fighter who had to endure discrimination and hurtful comments and stares. Then, out of the blue, a plump, beautiful little hand sneaked its way into hers. She looked up. Her little brother was capable of empathy! He was only a year old, and was showing the greatest compassion that she had ever come to face. She smiled. All thoughts of uttering profanity under her breath at her tormentors vanished. She lay still, blissful in the wake of such humanity.