Guest Post: There’s Something about Yasin’s Will

I’m one of Yasin’s aunties. I love Yasin since he was still in Mummy’s tummy and I think he’s the most beautiful 4-year-old boy on Earth – which means that I am in much agreement with Yasin’s sister, AF, about his beauty.


I have so many things to think and say about Yasin, but today I’d like to just tell you about one occurence in Yasin’s life that has convinced me even more, that Allah has granted Yasin with the will and the strength to grow up and develop…


One afternoon, I was in AF’s room only with Yasin. I love sitting beside him, smelling and kissing him and basically suffocating him with all those hugs. At the time, he was not yet able to hold his own bottle and so Mummy and others around him would feed him until he’s done with his meal. 


This time, I was sitting on the floor whilst Yasin was on AF’s bed. I was holding the bottle, talking and telling him whatever came to my mind. I was a bit tired and so I began to feel drowsy. Before I knew it, I dozed off, and the bottle fell off of my hand.


In an instant, I woke up, thinking that I might have caused Yasin some pain because of the bottle falling right onto his chest. Then I saw that the bottle was now in Yasin’s hands…


Allah gave him the strength and the will, then and there, to reach out towards his chest, search for the bottle, hold it and bring it to his mouth. Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar.

Yasin’s Mummy was naturally overjoyed when I told her that Yasin was now able to find and bring his bottle toward his mouth. It would not be too long – to the best of my recollection, though other people might not think so – before Yasin would be able to hold the bottle with one hand instead of both hands.


Next time, I think I will write about Yasin’s love for Al-Quran. Insya’Allah.