Guest Post: My Own Swimming Pool? Prologue

This post was written by Pakde – one of Yasin’s uncles. He has a great sense of humor and has more wit, style and substance than whole nations I could name. Here is his post, translated by AF:

Yasin saw that next to his house in the area of Kota Kembang was a great big empty space. Yasin said to himself, ‘well, I can make a swimming pool here.” A restricted one, so that AF and Mummy can swim with me. How much would it cost, and do I need to save for it? Yasin didn’t stop imagining and designing in his mind. I need half of the space for a swimming pool, and the other half for my own playground. Wow! It would be similar to the water-park next to our house. So that the neighbors can’t peep in, there needs to be a roof. When it’s done, I wonder who I should invite to play with me. The first would be my grandfather that always recites Surah Yasin for me. The others… I’ll think about them. 

Thinking about this takes a lot of energy, so I think I’ll drink a bottle of milk first.