Guest Post: Those Ants

This post was written by Pakde, Yasin’s uncle and translated by AF.

Out of those big eyes, Yasin saw a platoon of ants carrying a load that seemed very heavy. But even so, they still looked happy, and they still greeted one another. They faithfully carried out silaturahmi. I want to be like those ants and visit my friends who are grieving and sad. Later, I will dutifully go visiting. By visiting my friends that are scattered, I also learn to know my surroundings, how fertile the soil of Indonesia is. Just throw a couple of seeds of cassava into the ground, and over time it will grow into the carbohydrate plant it is. I would like to grow older right now so that I can go on a culinary tour of Bogor, the city where my mother’s campus is located. By the way, according to the newspaper ‘Yasin Review’, the reporters of which I give salaries to with smiles, at my house in Kota Kembang, there are now pots filled with an abundance of chili plants. But I’m thinking seriously of the way to my friend’s house – there must be a car that is comfortable and an experienced driver. Our ‘Panther’ car has been sold, whilst Pak Maryono, my dutiful driver has already been employed by someone else. So, what shall I do Mummy and AF? Yes, I hope that my Mummy and my Daddy will have Allah’s rizq or blessing. And if I must wait and be patient, I’m ready. I’m happy to grow up quickly.