Professional Nomad

Yasin has, thankfully, only moved houses 3 times in his life. And he seems to enjoy being moved from place to place and adjusts quickly. He is our little professional nomad. He maintains a balance in the household between frenetically packing and lounging on the sofa wondering whether we’ll ever get this done. He tends to be the supervisor and likes to scream blithely and laugh at his subordinates. We enjoy scurrying round following his every little whine and shriek, and love to throw caution to the winds when we peck our little supervisor’s cheek. When we moved from one house to another in Jakarta, we were amazed by how he took the new surroundings so well. He was given his own small bed, and an extensive library for his picture books. He was thrilled by the cool, calming air that rushed at his face at sunrise and the sound of the crickets and the wind whistling through the banana tree leaves at night. Of course he noticed these things! Before that, he had lived on the side of a busy motorway and was apt to be waken by the sound of an aggressive motorcycle.

“Goodbye, Yasin! Come back soon!” his cousins shouted at the airport gates. AF was getting fidgety and his two elder brothers were causing a great racket. When they walked away to the departure gate, Yasin looked a bit woebegone. He was clutching a Winnie the Pooh teddy bear given to him by one his lovely cousins, Kaiysa and kept hitting himself with it. In this regard, he is not so professional, but so very human that we all forgive him. Throughout the plane flight, Yasin was very calm and acted like he did this every day. He sat in his own seat for the takeoff and landing, and spent the rest of the time in his mother’s lap. Sure, he threw up once at the start of the flight, but after that maintained equanimity for the whole time.

When they reached their home in Riyadh, Yasin fell asleep immediately. It was winter there, and Yasin had never been in such a cold place so he snuggled up and pulled the covers over his face. This is where his adventure and his blog begins. Feel free to explore the blog and read all about his adventures in Riyadh! The first few posts were written by Yasin’s mother, and are therefore very descriptive of Yasin’s emotions in a way that his sister cannot be. Happy adventures!