Flour On My Nose

Last evening, Mummy put a large tub of flour mixed with water in front of Yasin. Yasin, being curious, stuck his hand in it straightaway and put it to his lips.

“You don’t like it, Yasin?” his sister asks. Yasin shakes his head. AF laughs her head off, and sprinkles more flour onto Yasin’s hands. He smears it across his face. He looks terribly cute. And terribly messy. But he enjoys it, and sits making dough for another 15 minutes until he starts biting his fingers and drooping his head. Then, Mummy cleans him up and gives him a bottle of milk. He had looked so serious whilst patting his mound of dough, that the recollection of it sent us into fits of laughter.

“Waaaaah!” he screams. He loathes being laughed at!