Guest Post: Yasin’s Heart and Mine

Yasin’s aunt, Ode, wrote this for him.

I believe in the ties of the hearts because I believe what Prophet Muhammad sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said: the believers are like one body – kal jasadil waahid. When one of the Mu’minun is in pain, the others feel the pain.

I believe that I have special ties with Yasin. (*)

I carry him so much in my mind, in my heart, that sometimes I converse with him even when I am away (and we are more often far away from each other). When Yasin was smaller and Mummy would call me wherever I was, for me to talk to him, I would recite the zikir (Subhnallah walhamdulillah wa laa ilaha illaAllah, Allahu Akbar!) to him over the phone and I believe that he listened and understood. Now I do not do that much because usually we speak about other things, but sometimes, even now, I still recite that zikir alone in the tone that I used to carry it with Yasin.

When I am away for one of my assignments – quite often in harrowing situations found in war or conflict zones – I am holding on to Allah more firmly, and I am hugging Yasin even more tightly in my heart. Those assignments are Allah’s blessings for me because they give more time to really, really pray, and Yasin is quite often foremost in my prayers. With such a state of mind and heart, how I can be anything but sure that Yasin and I have that special bond?

Sometimes I find proof of that special connection with Yasin when later I get in touch with him or his Mummy, and she would tell me that at a certain point in the recent past, Yasin had experienced this or that, which was similar to what I had experienced too.

Most of the time, however, proof is not needed. I know. Yasin knows. Allah knows best.

(*) Disclaimer: I think Yasin’s Mummy and Bapak and siblings as well as all of his uncles and aunts and relatives are equally convinced as I am that they have special ties with Yasin. They’re all correct, of course 🙂