What’s “Wrong” With Yasin?

Faris, Yasin’s brother, came up to his Mummy today and said, “Mummy, why is Yasin like that? My friend asked me and I didn’t know what to answer.” Well, as this is Faris, a boy of few words who demands that others follow his way of speaking, we simply said, “Yasin’s mind is different from other people’s because something happened to it when he was small. Because of that, it affects his arms, legs and speech.”

Faris thought about this for a while and asked, “Yasin’s mind is different, so everything else about him is different. Does that mean that everything depends on the brain?”

Mummy responded, “Yes, my darling.”

Faris was quite satisfied, and ran away happily.

Well, that was quite easy. Faris rarely compares his brother to himself, because they have 8 years between them and it only occurred to him that something was different when his friend asked!

When Yasin was 2, and he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, the person who took it most calmly was Faris. Yasin started physical, occupational and speech therapy. For Faris, what Yasin was doing was the norm, and he would help him with his exercises. We are always glad to answer anyone’s questions about Yasin, thus opening people’s minds to the differences in others. Faris may not ask as many questions as his sister, but they both share the belief that being a sibling to Yasin has taught them the role patience and encouragement take in making Yasin do things which are very hard for him to do.