Guest Post: I Am Yasin’s Brother


This post was written by one of Yasin’s brothers. Short, sweet and to the point.

Hello, I am Faris. 11 years old, turning 12 in 15th of June 2013. As you see in the title “I Am Yasin’s Brother” and, yep,  I AM Yasin’s brother. But I’m not the only one, there is one more of Yasin’s brother, and a charming one too. He is called Iqbal, if you don’t know. When Yasin was about to be born, Iqbal hoped that it was a girl and wanted to call her “Emily”, like his old teddy bear. Instead, a boy was born and I bet you all know this, we named him Yasin. I’m VERY happy to have Yasin’s brother because he is VERY special. And even Iqbal is VERY happy too. I’m sorry but this is the end of my……. Post.