Weekly Update

For the past week, Yasin has had a pallor about him pointing to the one thing that our mother dreads (especially for Yasin) – the flu. In case you didn’t know, when Yasin was quite small, his symptoms of flu were greatly exaggerated. And it took weeks for him to recover. Thankfully, as Yasin has grown older, he has developed a better resistance towards common colds and flu. Not that we are allowed to be any lax in taking care of him. His bottles have to be squeaky clean, we have to wear masks whenever we start coughing, his sheets have to be changed every week, and so on. As a result, he has been off school for the past week.

Yasin has also been mourning the death of his paternal grandfather this week. I believe Yasin shut down the day he died, and maintained one of the straightest faces I’ve ever seen in my life. He laughed when his father told him the news, and I suppose he thought it just another joke, as his granddaddy had always had an unstable condition. When the news sank in, he wore a morose expression for a couple of hours. Then, he cheered up. Not that he’s insensitive. Rather because he was taken care of for an hour by Ms. Nur, who had him watch Spiderman. She’s such a gregarious person, that no one can be sad around her.

AF has been “diligently” studying for her exams next week. Actually, no she hasn’t. She’s very laid-back, and has plenty of time on her hands to play with Yasin. Faris and Iqbal have been off school for the past week because it’s half-term and spent their holiday playing on their game consoles.

I guess that’s it. Oh, and if you’re a new reader, the person conjuring up these posts has actually been AF, and not her mother. So, don’t be puzzled if you get these half-baked statements of Yasin’s feelings, as AF can never have the sensitivity of her mother with regards to Yasin. If you enjoy the minutiae of this household, feel free to share. If you don’t, let me know so that I can focus on the larger scheme of things, like what we are planning for Yasin’s future, the impact cerebral palsy has on our family life, and so on.