Timeout For Mummy

This post was inspired by the writer over at Autobiographical Reflections.

My mother is sitting in the kitchen, eating the pempek that Dad bought home from Indonesia. She’s reading a magazine and seems quite content with her timeout from the busy life of a mum. To her right is a stack of dirty dishes piled up on top of the dishwasher. Then, along I come causing mass disruption.

She must be overwhelmed. I suppose all mums are overwhelmed sometimes. But, because she’s raising two special needs children, she must be overwhelmed on a daily basis. I also suppose that a few moments of “timeout” will do her wonders. I wish we could give her more timeout, but there’s always something happening. Either Yasin needs to be changed, or I’m crying because of the suffering in war-zones and my favorite pencil has gone missing, or Faris is angry over Iqbal’s choice of crisps that he bought at the corner-store.

When we were little, and we were particularly demanding, Mummy would surreptitiously sneak off to any place that had not yet been turned topsy-turvy by us, and sit down for a bit of quiet time. She’s actually quite inventive when it comes to “timeouts”. Then, we’d come crying for her. What charming children we must have been.

Now that we are older, and Yasin can be taken care of by me or his brothers, Mummy can just tell us she wants some time for herself. Not that she does it frequently. We are sorry to say that we enjoy this break from Mummy.

I myself love quiet time. I think I get more than is advised to, really. So, I don’t mind if my mother needs some for herself. It’s Yasin that minds, really. He misses her, and longs to talk with her.

I hope I’ll be able to convince her to get more peaceful time for herself. She’d gain a lot from it.