Focusing On Yasin’s Weaknesses


I think I tend to focus on Yasin’s weaknesses rather than his strengths. Perhaps it is wrong of me to think so. But, Yasin’s therapy focuses on overcoming his weaknesses. If you focus on Yasin’s strengths, then it means that you’ll exclude that part of him which is particularly deprived of gifts. Yasin struggles daily to move about, to communicate, to play, to learn. Excluding that part of him won’t help him at all.

Even though Yasin’s current neurologist is somewhat of a pessimist, he’s right in that he believes that the diagnoses he makes is to identify where Yasin needs help on. Maybe focusing on strengths helps to look at the person as a whole. But, the point of a diagnosis is to identify a part of the whole that needs help. If you focus on strengths, you’ll end up defining the person as his or her diagnosis. If we place all aspects of Yasin’s character into his diagnosis, that’s surely all you’ll end up with.

Strange as it may seem, I wish that all of Yasin’s doctors had the attitude of the neurologist. They work on finding and helping what Yasin struggles with. It is not part of their work to find out Yasin’s character. As his sister, I know his strengths. And his doctor does not know, and does not need to know.