10 Reasons It’s Hard To Talk To Special Needs Sisters

Have you ever wondered why special needs sisters give the most irreverent and irrelevant answers to questions?

Have you ever wondered why special needs sisters are so grouchy?

Have you ever wondered about the minutiae of our day-to-day lives and how we balance being narcissistic teens and don’t-give-a-damn-what-anyone-thinks-of- my-brother siblings?

Here are the reasons why I, at least, am so hard to get along with.

  1. I’ve just seen my brother balance himself on all fours perfectly. I’ve taken up all the space in my phone shooting photos of him and am now waiting for my video of Yasin crawling to upload to our Facebook page. No more saving funny sayings on my memory card
  2. Yasin has just finished the last of the cereal bars. He’s only nibbled off part of the bar and is kind enough to hand it to me once he’s done with it.
  3. I’ve just made Yasin his formula milk and am now lying beside him letting him tug and mess up my newly-styled hair.
  4. A friend with good intentions asked me what was wrong with my brother and my hair.
  5. My well-brothers are taking eons to decide what to watch on their iPad for the trip home and won’t let me update Yasin’s blog.
  6. I decide to read a motivational blog and come out worse for it. There’s nothing in there about motivating your brother when he’s in the utmost pain learning to walk.
  7. I declined invitations from my friends for play-dates because I need to be there when Yasin starts his hydrotherapy.
  8. Multiple people stare at Yasin at a gathering and I feel so bad for him that I swivel his pushchair around to face me.
  9. I spoon tea into Yasin’s mouth only to have him spray it out a second later.
  10. I called my mother to say that Yasin needed to go to the toilet and felt horrible for not being able to help him myself.