The Practical Sister

It’s all very well when I write about Yasin’s bonds with me, his habits, his way of thinking and communicating, his relationship with his friends, family and the world, and how adorable and gregarious he is. But what about the practical stuff? The everyday, tedious things that help keep Yasin well and happy? I’ll tell you now of the practical things I can do to help my mum and what I can’t yet do.

I can:

1. Make Yasin his bottle of milk. This is very simple to do, but requires your full attention. Besides, you have to do an array of things before you even start, like washing up his used bottles and putting them in the dishwasher, drying them, putting them safely away, and washing your hands thoroughly before making the milk. Lately, I haven’t entrusted myself with this task as my medication makes my mind all awry and bleary and blank so I might put an extra spoonful of milk into the bottles or something.

2. Change his clothes. This is very hard for me to do. Sometimes, Yasin’s arms are very stiff and sometimes they are very floppy. And he wriggles and fidgets a lot at times.

3. Amuse him. Easy enough to do.

4. Feed him. Painfully hard to do. What with the spraying and the spitting.

5. Carry Yasin upstairs and downstairs. Well, he’s a 15 kg child but he has learnt not to cling and so, is easier to handle.

I can’t:

1. Change his nappy. You all know why.

2. Babysit him for more than a couple of hours. It takes tremendous effort and patience to do this.

3. Single-handedly help him with his therapy.

4. Bathe him.

5. Sing him to sleep. I hate singing.