I am Yasin’s sister. Whilst you are here, I’ll offer you insights into the world of my special needs brother. You’ll gain awareness into what it means to be and care for a special needs child. This blog focuses on Yasin’s day-to-day adventures as a child with cerebral palsy.

My mum has to remind me sometimes that I am not only sister to Yasin – I am also my own person. So, here goes. I grew up in the UK, where blue noses are fashionable. I could really have deserved the title, ‘Little Mother Time’ which Thomas Hardy bestowed upon a socially troubled, extremely morose, and very memorable character. I am, for the most part, a recluse. I have a wild need for complex play which, apparently, no one else shares. I can never shut up, and I use a large and precise vocabulary that leads me to withdraw from age-peers. I am also very serious. So, don’t expect me to crack you up with my wit and style. Yasin will take care of that for me.

Iqbal drew this for me!

Iqbal drew this picture of me!

My parents gave me lots of freedom to run them ragged whilst I frenetically tried out every activity I could in the hope of finding something I loved to do. Other than finding out that I’d love to work in academia, I also found out that I loved being sister to a special needs child. Playing this role is, for me, exceptionally easy. Sure, I have secrets that go along with being a special needs sister, but other than that, it’s much easier than being a student at school. I can’t exactly hug and strangle my test papers.

Stay a while. Delve into the world of special needs children.

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