He’s Your Path to Paradise

Life in Saudi Arabia with a child that has cerebral palsy is generally very tranquil, and you need not start altercations because of callous remarks. You get kind, caring people who stop you… Continue reading

Growing Older

Yasin is now 4 years old. And still immobile. So, we have to carry him upstairs and downstairs and around the house. I don’t complain against that. It’s just sad that I, AF,… Continue reading

Flour On My Nose

Last evening, Mummy put a large tub of flour mixed with water in front of Yasin. Yasin, being curious, stuck his hand in it straightaway and put it to his lips. “You don’t… Continue reading

Guest Post: A Child’s Language

This post was written by Azka Madihah, a cousin of Yasin and translated by AF. You can find her at http://azkamadihah.wordpress.com. My name is Aisha Raudha Mardhia. I am now seven months old. This… Continue reading

Professional Nomad

Yasin has, thankfully, only moved houses 3 times in his life. And he seems to enjoy being moved from place to place and adjusts quickly. He is our little professional nomad. He maintains… Continue reading

Mother, Advocate, Protector

Guest Post: Those Ants

This post was written by Pakde, Yasin’s uncle and translated by AF. Out of those big eyes, Yasin saw a platoon of ants carrying a load that seemed very heavy. But even so,… Continue reading

Guest Post: There’s Something about Yasin’s Will

I’m one of Yasin’s aunties. I love Yasin since he was still in Mummy’s tummy and I think he’s the most beautiful 4-year-old boy on Earth – which means that I am in… Continue reading

Guest Post: My Own Swimming Pool? Prologue

This post was written by Pakde – one of Yasin’s uncles. He has a great sense of humor and has more wit, style and substance than whole nations I could name. Here is… Continue reading

Yasin’s Laughter

When Yasin’s laughter rings across the room, all is well. He laughs whenever we gather him in our arms and gently swing him around. He laughs whenever he phones his grandfather. He laughs… Continue reading