The Helping Hand of a Special Needs Child

Daily Prompt  Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you’ve ever received. Yasin has two plump and beautiful hands. He can’t always control them, being apt to hit and scratch himself with… Continue reading

How’s Yasin Doing?

I can’t speak for Yasin, but I can say what I observe of him. And from that, I can conclude that he is doing brilliantly. At school, he has been learning to balance… Continue reading

6 Secrets of a Special Needs Sister

I am a special needs sister. I refuse to be pitied for helping to take care of my brother. But of course, there are things I am not allowed to say in order… Continue reading

Better Off Without You

Originally posted on Autism & Oughtisms:
April 2013, an old post of mine receives a comment that awaits moderation. The first time I read it my heart pounds, because it is threatening and…

Yasin Standing

What a cheeky smile! Lights up your day, doesn’t it?

The Path of the Wildflower

Originally posted on Autobiographical Reflections:
There is something quite breathtaking about the authentic beauty of the wildflower. The wildflower is not intentionally planned. It is exquisite in and of itself. Wildflowers add a…

What It’s Like Living In A Household With A Cerebral Palsied Boy, His Two Brothers, and A Maturely Immature Girl

Short answer: It’s chaotic.   Long answer: It is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. According to the film Mary Poppins it means ‘something to say when you have nothing to say.’ And, indeed, there is nothing to be said… Continue reading

Smooth Hands, Gentle Hands

Yasin is rather prone to scratching and biting himself violently. We all try to prevent him doing it, but to no avail. His arms used to be covered in scabs and raw, pink… Continue reading

We’re Featured!

Adventure of Yasin has been featured on Top Mommy Blogs in the Special Needs category! Please click on the picture below or in the sidebar to vote for us! Every click counts, and… Continue reading

Yasin’s Epilepsy – Mother’s Point of View

Why am I still wearing a purple rose; symbol of World Epilepsy Awareness day? It all started when Yasin was 4 months old, when he was seized with infantile spasms.They often occur in… Continue reading