Push Me Higher!

Yasin on his swing. He looks rather thoughtful, doesn’t he? The swinging motion calms him, and he falls into a dreamy state of mind. Advertisements

Why are you staring at my brother?

Yasin attracts a lot of stares. Glares, in some cases. Maybe it is because of his screams, “Waaaaaaaaaaah! Mamamamama,” and his incessant babbling. Maybe it is because he is pushed around on a… Continue reading

How We Live Now

How We Live Now A beautiful and uplifting blog about Ayce, a brilliant child with cerebral palsy. His mum’s positive outlook has definitely helped Yasin’s sister during rough times. 

Selamat Pagi, Jingga. Selamat Pagi, Cinta.

http://azkamadihah.wordpress.com/ The blog is written in Indonesian. Yasin’s sister is not quite keen on using the language herself, but always admires it being used proficiently by others. A fantastic mum and writer, azkamadihah… Continue reading

Sister to a Special Needs Brother #1: Pain, Beauty, Condescension

It is my tendency to assimilate other people’s emotions that allows me to feel as much pain as Yasin does when he is upset or angry. It is akin to being a special… Continue reading

Grandma’s Treasure

Yasin’s maternal grandmother has passed away. She was beautiful, but often audacious. She was intrepid and did anything she could to have the best for her children and grandchildren. I’m sure she would… Continue reading

Two Peas in a Peculiar Pod

I remember the first time I was brought home from the hospital. I was very alert. When I could lie on my stomach, my mother would place as many things as she could… Continue reading

Quotidian Pleasure #3: School

Step into the Child Development Center and see me and other special needs children navigate their way through the disorienting world of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Walk past the wall-to-wall… Continue reading

Quotidian Pleasure #2: Walk in Winter

When it is bright and calm outside, Mummy takes me for a walk. As soon as I step out of the house, the pleasure of being outside is almost visceral. Every ounce of… Continue reading

Quotidian Pleasure #1: Hello, It’s Yasin Speaking!

Yasin phones home every day. He takes this responsibility of maintaining good relations with his relatives very seriously and often prepares beforehand what he is going to say. Though, of course what he… Continue reading