Letter to a Special Needs Sister

Dear -, The hawk-eyed remarks that I’d heard from you over these years have left me with a distinct impression of your person. I see you now, trailing a scent of ache-relief cream… Continue reading

The Practical Sister

It’s all very well when I write about Yasin’s bonds with me, his habits, his way of thinking and communicating, his relationship with his friends, family and the world, and how adorable and… Continue reading

Poster Poster

These are a couple of Yasin’s posters for his blog campaign. Tell me how you like them!

Yasin Goes Viral

This is the front of Adventure of Yasin’s brochure. How do you like it? I plan to ruthlessly promote the blog. If you don’t like it, please tell me why. I’d be grateful.

10 Reasons It’s Hard To Talk To Special Needs Sisters

Have you ever wondered why special needs sisters give the most irreverent and irrelevant answers to questions? Have you ever wondered why special needs sisters are so grouchy? Have you ever wondered about… Continue reading

A Note To Yasin’s Teacher

I don’t know whether Yasin will enter a special primary school next year at 5 years old or whether he’ll home-school and have occupational, physical, and speech therapists as his teachers. Here’s what… Continue reading

Teatime With My Brother

I pour tea into Yasin’s aged bone china teacup. The handle is slightly cracked and the floral pattern once decorating it is now only reminiscent of Yasin’s curled fingers proffered over spindly green… Continue reading

Radically Different Viewpoints

I got a lovely comment yesterday on my ‘About’ page, which read at the end that, “Your blog is a very different point of view into the day to day of a child… Continue reading

Focusing On Yasin’s Weaknesses

I think I tend to focus on Yasin’s weaknesses rather than his strengths. Perhaps it is wrong of me to think so. But, Yasin’s therapy focuses on overcoming his weaknesses. If you focus… Continue reading

Special Feelings

According to http://www.aboutourkids.org “Many parents have to spend a great deal of their time attending to a child with special needs. As a result, the other children in the family may feel that… Continue reading